What if we smile today?

What if we refuse to speak evil against someone else?

What if we kindly state our opinions, listen to and respect others who state their opinions, disagree with them but choose to be nice to those who hold different opinions?

What if we forgive those who have hurt us?

What if we hold no record of what they’ve done?

What if we speak with kindness even when firmly stating our views?

What if we treat others the way we wish they would treat us?

What if we found healthy actions of letting go of our pains – methods like journaling, praying, confessing – instead of going to sleep with those hurts each night?

What if we found a counselor, pastor, mentor, friend, and life coach to talk to about our deep hurts?

What if we stop being controlled by assumptions or opinions or past pain or present fears?

What if we really believe there is a God who loves, accepts, and forgives us?

What if we wake up tomorrow with hope and peace guiding our thoughts?

What if we choose to listen well and refuse to interrupt the ones speaking to us?

What if politicians would be nice and truthful and kind, while still speaking their views?

What if we believed it is better to give that to receive?

What if we pause a moment to watch the sun rise, to see the night stars and moon, to hear the birds sing, to listen to a song of hope, to read a new book, to pray an honest prayer, to send a kind note, to smile at a friend, to turn off the news, to feel the breeze, to say “thank you?”

What if we choose to believe, even when doubting?

What if we live displaying the love of God?