I had arrived back in Georgia.

Responding to texts, feeling exhausted, anxious to drive the 104 miles home, I glanced around the shuttle late Saturday afternoon. These words surprised me:

“We Never Close.”

PreFlight Parking informed passengers they never close.

And I was glad.

I needed their ride. Then.

I enjoyed the week away. I endured a difficult final night at the hotel for my week away. No, I don’t like the door not opening and being required to move everything (which meant packing late at night before the having to pack to leave the next morning) to another room in another floor.

But it all ended well. Very well.

I had arrived back in Georgia.

My mind was then focused on many joys and a Sunday’s service and two concerns: would my car have problems again and would traffic be bad?

I could listen to the Braves game, so slow traffic wouldn’t be a problem.

But would my car start?

My PreFlight driver didn’t leave when he dropped me off by my car. He carried my luggage and said, “I’m not driving away until I hear your car start. I can tell you’re a little worried about this.”

He was right.

He was kind.

He waited.

My car started.

I smiled driving north Saturday evening on I-85. I kept thinking about PreFlight’s sign. I reflected on what I had just spent a week talking about with others.

Jesus. His presence. His peace.

And I realized He’s never closed. He’s always open. For our prayers. For our needs. For our wounds.

He knows what we’re worried about. He doesn’t plan to leave us.

Maybe He’s saying, “I can tell you’re a little worried about this.”

Today, I’m working on waving goodbye to my worries.

Today, I’m working on saying hello to Jesus who determines to stay close.

Close can mean near. Close can also mean shut. Jesus, always close. Jesus, never closing.

I am glad. I like that. I need that.