a cage, heart-prison, my security;

a rage growing in obscurity;

a page turning to day and place.

priorities of present time and space

reverse inside the Truth,

remain off center inside the mind.


climbing trees for a distant glimpse;

touching threads for an imparted gift:

how far will i go?

i’m not the type

to step outside the boat,

to drop in through the roof,

to shout when told to be silent,

to watch when sleep comes knocking.

or am i?

should i be?


predictability, my long lost friend,

taught me well and ruined me.

gratification, my silent shadow,

steers me,

possesses many lives,

and never dies.


is there room upon the tree

for a thief that looks like me?


live for immortality

or hang in anonymity.

turn the corner on this moment;

dare to stare inside this gift;

ripped open, yet concealed;

in my grasp, yet far away.

will i see the light better when night falls?

will i run faster on my knees?


tears drop; the waters rise.

heart beats; the earth quakes.

before sleep settles the alarm screams,

but even in morning the self dreams

of one day soon

beyond the moon,

the day after time:

arms open and table spread;

smiling, singing, knowing.