Uncertainty visits frequently. 

He brings Worry and Anxiety and Fear with him. 

They don’t indicate their arrival in advance. They don’t knock the door or ring the bell. No texts or calls. 

They just show up. 

Suddenly. Sometimes silently. Other times with too much noise. 

They just show up. 

And they try to control thoughts, moods, decisions, and conversations. 

But we don’t have to allow them to be in charge. We can notice their visit, become aware of healthy warnings they offer, and choose to refuse allowing our decisions or moods to be controlled by them. 

Yes, aware of them. 

No, not controlled by them. 

Peace and Joy need to stay with us. Not Worry. Or Anxiety. Or Fear. 

Uncertainty will remain nearby but needs to be kept in his place. Assurance and Trust and Faith offer better perspectives, even when Uncertainty stays around.