Yes, the ambitious waves rushed our way. I rode them. I enjoyed them—especially seeing grandchildren with me on the ocean.

Yes, the meals tasted delicious. Tacos, cereal, pizza, grilled steak, and, of course, ice cream.

Yes, time on the boat was calming. Riding the water while also riding the stories, the conversations, the laughter, the prayers, the memories.

Yes, hitting baseballs and shooting basketballs and swimming in a pool were moments to cherish. The bank shot still goes in for me even if it’s not as popular these days.

Yes, worshiping together reminded me again of what matters most. Among the chaos. Amid the questions. Around the storms. Gathering for worship and biblical study renews our minds and readjusts our goals.

Yes, I cherished conversations with each individual. Three sons. Three daughters-in-law. Eight grandchildren. Dear friends. New friends. During time’s rapid pace, every moment has value.

Yes, driving isn’t my preferred way to spend time. But if that method guides me toward a needed destination, it’s worth it. And it was.

What did I learn from a few days in Florida with family? Cherish each moment. Love each person. Refuse to allow miles to separate relationships. Communicate often and correctly. Remember how time travels so fast.

What about you and your family and friends? Do you talk often to those you love? How can you continue to develop healthy relationships? Where is God’s love in that story?

Yes, time is in a hurry. Let’s swim on the sea of life with people. Intentionally and consistently. Amid the questions and the ice cream and the jump shots, let’s spend time together.