If you think Underwater is a book just for those who are dealing with illness or brain injury, you would be wrong. There are so many insights to everyday life for everyone in this book by Chris Maxwell.  I found the parallels in Chris’ medical adventure to echo the same things I experience in life outside any medical connection.

Who doesn’t face surprises in life? Questions without answers? Feelings of panic and frustration? I sure do and so does everyone else I’ve ever met.

Not only is Underwater broken down into bite-size chapters with clever titles, but just a single reading is more like a buffet than an appetizer. Several chapters could stand alone as their own theme for a book, and yet we are given just the right portion to satisfy our hunger, scratch an itch, and bring peace to our own troubled waters.

This book needs to be read, and then read again.

Gary Rice
Pastor, Evangel Orlando
June, 2017

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