What’s your favorite number? When did you select that number? Why is it your favorite?

The number twelve has never been my favorite number. I’ve preferred eleven. Or one. Or ten. Or thirty-three.

But now my mind is on number twelve.


My twelth book will be published on October 1. So now my new favorite number is twelve.

I recently had a conversation with an editor about each of my books. Why I wrote them. What I was seeking to say. What I was personally experiencing. What I hoped readers would take away.

And then we talked about this book, my twelth book, my book about books, my book about my favorite books, my book about what those books by other authors have taught me. Things We’ve Handed Down: Twelve Letters I Leave for You is not just book number twelve. It is a collection of letters highlighting lessons I’ve learned from many words on many pages in many books.

I hope you read the book about books. I hope you read the letters I’ve written describing lessons I’ve learned. And I hope you learn lessons as you read. Lessons about disappointment, about wounds, about love, about joy, about hope, about endurance.