February added an extra day this year, as it occasionally does. But we have already leaped into March.

Wasn’t it just December 2019? Or July?

March is one of “those months” for me. It brings to memory the anniversary of why my ability to remember isn’t that great. It also reminds me that despite the damage in my brain and my life with epilepsy, I’m here. With a mental limp, but here. Different, but here.

I am better when I communicate about my journey. Telling my story through writing and speaking helps me. Listening to others tell their stories helps me. Studying the topic helps me. Seeing positives in the world of my dark scars helps me. Simply paying attention to epilepsy and encephalitis helps me.

But that’s me.

What about you?

What memories visit you this month? What moods do those memories bring? How do you respond? How can you improve your awareness and your reaction? If you wrote your story about “A Month to Remember,” what would be your story? Are the memories pleasant? Are they painful?

We’re all unique, but many of us find therapy in writing. Poetry is a medicine to me. Stories and prayers and thoughts offer healing to my hurts. I suggest that you find what works for you and make time for it. Talking to a counselor or a true friend might help you find what would be best for you.

Don’t wait. Do it. Begin today.

This March is only here briefly. Let’s take steps toward healing. Now.