Silence is Your Medicine

The cost of medications doesn’t put a smile on my face. Decisions being made by insurance companies bring frustration to my mind. I try to see the positive. I try to be thankful and optimistic. But it’s not always easy when big business and big government forget us, the people.

There is, however, a medication often forgotten in our noisy society. Addicted to devises providing music for our ears wherever we are and whatever we are doing, silence is the forgotten friend.

Change that. Invite silence over today.

Welcome her.

Spend significant time together. You and silence.

No music. No tv. No podcast. No audiobook. No conversation with a friend.

Though those can all be helpful, don’t include them right now. Keep them away.

Welcome silence. Pray and think and process and give thanks and look at creation and wait. In silence. No planned noise. Just the sound of nature. And the sound of silence.

This might be the time you finally hear what you’ve been waiting for. Or it might just be a time to relax and rest.

With appreciation. With assurance.

In silence.