Last Sunday I wasn’t traveling, so I was able to attend our home church. At Upward Hartwell, Pastor Tony spoke on “Scars.”

We all know about those. We each have experienced various types of injuries in life. Scars remain. Physical, mental, relational, emotional, spiritual: any type of scar comes from deep pain. The pain can linger though the injury might only be noticed by a scar.

Think about your life scars. Read these reminders Pastor Tony stated on Sunday and see hope — even as you carry scars with you:

– Scars have a story to tell.
– Scars remind us of a wound but also a healing.
– Scars remind us that things will never be as they were before.
– It is in the horror of wounding that the power of healing comes to our lives.
– People we love will hurt us.
– Often, people we love the most will hurt us the most.
– We try to take care of things by ourselves.
– Deep wounds require deep love from the only one who can truly heal.
– Even when scars heal they can still be tender when you touch them.
– Your expectation is the breeding ground of your miracle.