Welcome to “Poetry for the Summer.” This poem is by Dr. Scott Ellington

God Moments by Scott Ellington

Precious are the moments

when awakened from a dream

I see and smell and feel

the fabric of God’s weaving.

I find a place, small

but not uncounted by the One

who fills my space and time.

How rare the unscripted clarity

abruptly noticed in disaster and regret,

in a child’s laughter and a sunrise,

when I release my fears and fantasies

and breath easily of God’s grace.

Scott Ellington is a professor of Christian ministry at Emmanuel College and has just completed his eleventh year at the college. His first book Risking Truth: Transforming the World Through Prayers of Lament explores the Bible’s prayers of lament. He and his wife Linda have two daughters and together they served as missionaries for fourteen years, teaching in a variety of Bible colleges and institutes in Mexico, England and Germany, before returning to the U.S. in 2002. Scott’s hobbies include singing, acting and writing.