one man can change the future.

one thought, one decision, one act.

i am here because many individuals

changed the world

through their thoughts, decisions, actions.

david repented and asked for mercy.

augustine used his intellect to search out the riches of God.

martin had the courage to post his objections.

the wesleys rode countless miles,

john preaching, charles composing;

establishing new methods of evangelism and discipleship.

c.s. lewis wrote it.

keith green sang it.

a mother. a teacher. a pastor. a friend. a stranger.

an individual can influence the world.


adam did.

his thoughts, his decision, his action.

no fruit could have tasted so delightful

that poisoning the human race mattered not.

the reign of sin and the reign of death.

one man’s disobedience.

many become sinners.

his name? “mankind.”

and his behavior influenced all under that name.

law was given after the fact of sin

to reveal the principle at work in the world.

judgment and condemnation.

separation from God.

degeneration and decay

death through the disobedience of one.


Christ did.

His thoughts, decisions, actions were unto the Father.

the agonizing pain of the cruel cross was worth it

to work the pardon of the human race.

the reign of grace and life.

one Man’s obedience, even to the death.

many become righteous.

His name? “Anointed One.”

and His love was proof of that sacred title.

paying the penalty, moving men from guilt to grace.

abolishing the principle at work in the world.

gift and justification.

communion with God.

regeneration and delight.

life through the obedience (unto death) of One.


what about me?

will i choose sin or grace?

death or life?

stay in adam and die separated from God

or abide in Christ and live in fellowship with God?

i must remember His death and receive His life.


i take the bread.

i look at it.

i think, i decide, i act.

in need of mercy, desperate for life,

i partake,

and swallow the death that brings a resurrection.


i take the cup.

i consider the cross.

thinking, deciding, acting;

because i am so thirsty for forgiveness,

i drink,

and swallow the life-flow that brings a transformation.


i remember His death and receive His life.

in Him i live and move and have my being.

in Him i am justified.

i live.

now, as i live,

i think, i decide, i act.

this man’s obedience through Christ

will change the world,

for today,

for tomorrow,

for Him.