Standing now,

even uncertain of the

future direction or the

original foundation.

Life’s rather tricky,

while certainty only

appears occasionally

during the adventure.

Some assurance stands up

and helps us rest

and breathe deeply, calmly,

while thoughts ramble

from one side to an

extreme opposite side

all while

lowering expectations

to avoid hurt

or embracing potential

to pursue the risks.

When we give our best

and take that holy chance,

it’s like

standing now

in the land of maybes,

of chance, of hope held

by hands capable to

somehow carry.

Initial hopes stand by fear.

Dreams sleep in the night

of favor.

The flavor of invisible reality

tastes like what we’ve craved for a

very long ride.

Shall we, now standing

and knowing,

nod ourselves approval

of faith in action?

Life waits.

Worlds wait.

We choose.

And are glad.