We are busy. Very busy. 

We are in a hurry. Always. 

As we rush we miss so much. A face, a voice, a life, a story. An opportunity, an event. A need. A song, a sentence, a note, a need.

The multiple methods of immediately obtaining information keeps us aware of stories. Many stories. Nearby and distant stories. Funny stories and sad stories. Important stories and unneeded stories. 

But as we see them or hear them do we really see them or hear them? Do we notice? Do we respond when we should respond? Do we welcome important stories into our life stories? Do we sense an urge to help others in their life stories? Do we believe we can make a positive difference?

Today I pray we notice what is really important. I hope we reflect and participate on what matters. 

– Support those offering relief to people in need. 

– Call someone. 

– Visit someone. 

– Send a kind note. 

– Instead of making a point, just show kindness today. 

– Listen well. 

Notice the real needs today. Notice what we can do to make a difference, a positive difference, today. Not to be noticed, but to notice. With kindness and love, let’s respond. Today.

Please visit: www.convoyofhope.org