i checked my phone’s calendar
for confirmation
of what day today is.

these days,
confuse me.

these days,
concern me.

unanticipated, unforeseen,
unannounced, unplanned.

we’ve all had decembers
of disturbance before.
we’ll all have more.

but this jolt has left me guessing,
asking the “what now”
and “what next”
type of questions,
waiting for a plan to follow,
details to arrange,
and assurance that
all will be well.

so, i check to be sure.

yes, the day is january 2,
a monday.
and, the year is 2023,
a number
i’ll slowly remember
to include correctly
when writing it,
a number
i hope will bring
pleasant memories
when it’s a part
of my past.

but today,
on this first monday
of the first month
in a new year,
i pray.

i pray
day two
will be a day of good news.

for you. for me. for us.