Do you like to “listen in” as people around you talk?

Maybe they’re at a table beside you in a restaurant. Maybe they’re in seats near you at a ball game. Maybe they’re in line before you at the grocery store.

You won’t interrupt them. You won’t make it obvious. I mean, they’re right there in public and you can’t hardly help but hear them—right?

What if one of those people turned to you and invited you to become a part of the conversation? Would you take the invitation? Would you say yes?

That’s what I would like for you to do in my latest book, Things We’ve Handed Down: Twelve Letters I Leave for You. Each chapter is written as a letter to a friend. Like I’m having a conversation with them, while welcoming you to “listen in.”

The conversations are about books I have read, and the impact those books had—and continue having—in my life. Reading those books again reminded me why I needed them. Writing about those books was my way of offering them to you, of inviting you to “listen in.”