The month of March takes me back. Every month does, I’m sure, in some way. But March is different.

Not just because of the final doses of cold weather and strong winds. Not just because of the ride toward warm days.

For me, it is different because of an anniversary. Decades later, I remember again a March when my life drastically changed.

I’ve written about it often.

I talk about it frequently.

I live with it regularly.

March 1996. Encephalitis. Epilepsy. Scar tissue. Memory loss. A damaged brain. A changed person. Seizures, medication, limitations.

I hope this March’s reminder of my forgetfulness helps me see the positives. I desire this anniversary will shout aloud to my mind and to your mind: our value isn’t based on our talent.

We keep scores.

We stare at stats.

We observe the rankings.

Maybe we could enjoy a better March if we resist the comparisons. Maybe we can push aside the cultural perspective of worth and value. Maybe we can hear rumors again about an Artist creating us in His image, about unconditional love, about His strength in our weaknesses, about friends who walk with us even when we limp, about doubt not always indicating a lack of faith.

This can be a March of seeing life and ourselves in new ways.

This can be a month of a fresh breeze, a sincere smile, a true friend, a new view of the future.

This can be a season of listening better, learning better, loving better.

This can be a collection of minutes and hours and days seen as opportunities.

This can be a way we refuse to deny our scars or be controlled by them.

This can be a time we walk together with true friends in this march of love.

Even with our struggles and our scars. Even with our failures and our fears. Even when unsure and much afraid. We can believe. By choice, we can believe.

Begin today.

Even with the limp, start now.

The world will be a better place as you help make a positive difference one step at a time.