Summer is nearing her end. Schedules change. But how are we changing? What decisions are we making to bring healthy change?

We find it easy to complain about others. Are we doing what we should to let change begin with us?

Here are a few suggestions from chapters 13, 14, 15, and 18 of my book Pause for Pastors: Finding Still Waters in the Storm of Ministry.

* Plan a meeting with a few friends or family members.

* Plan to attend an event with a crowd.

* Plan to do something unplanned—something that isn’t a part of your routine.

* Journal about how Jesus was with you in the many and the few—and the unexpected.

* Smile at a friend. Thank them for the many blessings they bring your way.

* Smile at a stranger. A glance from eyes of one displaying God’s love is such a contrast to the common looks of lust or anger.

* Forgive someone who hurt you.

* Realize how our Loving God has forgiven you.

* Write a note.

* Make a call.

* Send a check.

* Serve a meal.

* Engage in conversation as the one listening.

* Do unto others as you wish others would do unto you.

* Do something for someone who has been kind to you.

* Do something kind for someone who has wronged you.

* Verbally thank someone who has cared for you, confronted you, corrected you, cautioned you, and continued to love you despite your mistakes.

* Pray for someone. Keep it between you and God. Believe He will bless them in amazing ways.

* Refuse to let a problem about another person stay with you. Love enough to really, really, really forgive.

* Receive Communion. But, before receiving the elements, take time to think about God forgiving you.

* Ask Him to reveal to you anyone you need to forgive. Forgive and be forgiven.

* Welcome God’s love into your life in a new way.

* Find those you can lead, those who can lead you, and those who can journey with you.

* Refuse to do life and ministry alone.