I need God to be my peace  

As I face the unknown  

My future, my past, 

Things out of my control 

My guardian, my guidance  

Leading me on  

By going first  

And protecting me as His own  

My teacher  

So that I can retain information in school  

As a ministry major  

Trying to impact the kingdom  

So Christ can continue to rule in me  

My rock 

When my foundation feels unsteady  

When he tells me “go”  

And I don’t feel ready  

My friend  

When I have felt so lonely here  

As I try and block out insecurity and fear  

My reassurance  

When I have misplaced my trust  

In things that I never should have loved so much  

My father  

While my earthly father isn’t close 

But Christ says HE is close 

My comfort  

As I grieve 

My childhood, my past  

And everything in between  

My confidence  

So that when he speaks  

I listen  

And walk in obedience  

I need him to be my Best Friend  

So that I have a shoulder to turn to 

With good news and bad news  

To share in celebration  

And to cry in tribulation  

My peace 

My guardian  

My guidance 

My teacher 

My rock 

My friend  

My reassurance  

My father  

My comfort  

My confidence  

My best friend  

My everything  

My Jesus