thanksgiving arrives soon,
hurrying her way here.
i can already see the colors
and hear the sounds
and smell the memories
of meals and gatherings
and family and time.
the choice.
choosing to be thankful.
to voice

the thankfulness,
the appreciation,
the gratitude.

not obligation. acknowledgement.
not necessity. recognition.
not required. appropriate.

but turkeys go, ball games end,
conversations conclude, and
time continues her hurry.

a new year is near.
another one? already?
each collection of twelve months
feeling brief, though filled
with burdens.

what is next?
what should we expect?
how can we prepare?

maybe we should remember
that holiday between
thanksgiving and a new year.

maybe we should recall
mary and joseph
and a Baby.

maybe we should return
to that story, allowing
angels and shepherds,
stars and songs,
to redirect our rituals
toward this holiday,
His holy day,
of a Baby,
of a Savior,
of a Lord.

let us give thanks.
let us believe in a new year.
let us stop here, though,
by the narrative,
near the manger,
with the memories
from stories and songs
of the Healer here, finally,
for us today.