It’s been on the way a long time. 

Actually, my entire life. 

My new book, Equilibrium

: 31 Ways to Stay Balanced on Life’s Uneven Surfaces, is being released April 1. That’s a fitting date considering one of the stories in Equilibrium, but that’s not the point of this blog.

My point is this: the book has been developing as long as I have. The 31 chapters come from 61 years. The stories and questions and ideas and suggestions result from decades of dialogue, deaths, meals, and places. Each long ride affected me. Every short chat influenced me. All mornings and afternoons and evenings guided me to this day, this time. 

Last year my publisher asked, “What do you want to pass on to the future?” 

I answered him with my long list of suggestions, guidelines, and goals all summarized with one word I’ve tried to let keep me calm and at peace for the last two years: balance. 

That’s the word. Balance is the hope, the wish, the goal. Amid a mix of emotions and opinions, of rough currents and harsh waves, of division and disease, I sought to find a balancing calmness from the Giver of Peace. 

So I studied and read. I prayed and wrote. And now the book is here, revealing ways my life has found equilibrium on life’s uneven surfaces. 

I hope you’ll get a few copies for yourself and friends. I hope the stories and thoughts will help you find balance in a world feeling so unsafe and unsure. I hope the stories about my dad’s death, my cow named Kiki, and an April 1 in Atlanta will calm your own storms as they have mine. 

Equilibrium has been on its way for 61 years. 

Now, here it is. 

Get a few copies for you and your friends. And enjoy balance in this life where nothing feels even.