Today is Graham Maxwell’s birthday. Our baby child is 25 years old. Yes, that’s hard to believe.

For today’s blog, let’s read what Graham wrote in my book, Pause for Moms:

As a kid growing up and playing basketball I wanted to be very successful in everyIMG_0831
aspect of the game. Wanting to be successful can be worrisome and a bit stressful. But the only way I could succeed in a game like basketball is stop worrying and let loose and play. If we are so worried about making mistakes in basketball we will make more mistakes than imagined. As a coach I still get nervous before games, but I know how to embrace the nervousness. I can’t let nervousness become fear because fear changes who am I as a coach and person. Kids who see their parents worry need to realize something: It’s normal! Stress, worry, nervou sness, and anything else we don’t like to talk about are all normal. It’s not worry that hurts us, it’s what we let that worry do to our minds. Don’t let the fear of any outcome dictate our actions. Neither playing basketball or living life is easy, but when we learn to embrace our nervousness and take challenges head on, then we will be living life or playing ball!

– From the book Pause for Moms: Finding Rest in a Too Busy World. BUY HERE