Yes, much needs to change. Yes, we live with disappointments and struggles and grief and disagreements. Yes, the politics can disturb us. Yes, the lack of deep, honest relationships in our performance culture can concerns us.

But look around. There is so much good. Kind people who love others. Giving people who sacrifice much. Courageous people who take healthy risks. Humble people who serve, never seeking to be noticed. Dedicated people who endure.

This week, what are you thankful for? It’s Thanksgiving. Shouldn’t we give thanks?

Here are a few things I’m very thankful for:

– the wonder beside us
– the love, joy, and peace inside us
– the relationships which remain through time
– the honor of a wonderful family
– the memories of holidays together
– the medicine of laughter and tears
– the willingness to forgive
– the therapy of rest and writing and confessing
– the love of God
– the tastes of my favorite foods
– the benefits of modern technology
– the prayers prayed
– the songs and stories which still bring smiles many years later.

What about you? Think about it and write a list. Take time today, and each day, to give thanks.