In class this afternoon we focused on four important but often forgotten practices.





Welcome silence. Exit the volume. Refuse to let the normal loud sounds flood your neurological system. Step away. Be still. Be quiet. Do not let noise be your drug of choice.

Welcome conversations. Intentionally make it a priority to spend time with the right people in the right way for the right reasons to talk about the right things the right way. Do not do life alone.

Welcome prayers. Dialogue with God. Interceding, when we pray for others. Petitioning, when we ask God for things. Standing, bowing, walking, singing, sitting. Praising and thanking and waiting and waiting a little longer. Many ways to pray. Many things to pray about, and for. Let us pray.

Welcome nature. The cool breeze. The long walk. The clouds. The stars. The birds singing. Refused to let the busyness of our normal pace cause us miss the wonder around us.

Silence and conversations and prayers and nature. Let’s consider them our friends. Let’s spend time with them. Let’s not forget them. We need them.