November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. Please tell your family, friends, and coworkers about epilepsy. We want our society to gain a better awareness. Purchase a few copies of Chris Maxwell’s physical book Underwater here, or eBook and Audiobook– and give copies to others. This mouth various people will write stories for Chris Maxwell’s blog, offering thoughts about live with epilepsy. #EpilepsyAwarenessMonth 


Reading Chris Maxwell’s book, “Underwater,” I’m reminded of my secret life with epilepsy as a walk along the shoreline – my feet getting wet but only once or twice falling headlong into the brink:  my tonic-clonic seizures; long ago but as clear as yesterday.  Then my sons – three with epilepsy – I had to hold on to them as they waded into ever deeper waters.  Two caught and lost by the riptide of SUDEP, one at waste high water still with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, needing my hand: advocate, caregiver, lifeguard.

Ecclesiastes 4:12: “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”  Embarrassed and ashamed, for years I denied epilepsy, kept my secrets, never talked.  I lived out the reality of only one strand…I almost broke.

Finally, talking, telling my story  – owning epilepsy – I found a new freedom, a release from my cloud of secrecy.  In the community of honesty, I found supportive friends, strength & purpose: my 3-stranded cord.  Engaging fully in who I am, all God made me, I am strengthened to face the future with purpose, with hope, encouraging others on the shoreline.  I now walk empowered into the water beside my son without fear.

“Underwater” is an epilepsy story revealed by one who touched the riptide, swam away, resurfaced.  Don’t be afraid to tell your story – seek others in your walk along the shoreline.