It’s 4:30 AM. Most of the world is asleep, resting for their day to come. Not Chris Maxwell. He’s up. He’s swimming upstream, not placated by the pain of memories brutally familiar. He invites us. He gestures that we come and see the mystery submerged below our surface-level perception of his life. Encephalitis, brain injury, and epilepsy – he knows the way. He’s navigated this current; he’s become its’ guide. He dives low to the depths. He allows solace to sink below where the pain forces many to gasp for air. He knows they cannot be left there. He writes for them.

He has company on this journey. Underwater must be collaborative, for the depths pass no one by. Chris Maxwell gives voice to those who’ve been forced to swim, those who’ve found that to be submerged is not to be defeated. As they converge they find something fascinating, the swim is easier together.

These sojourners all pay a staggering price – sacrifice. Time, pain, pleasure, self – these are all surrendered to the journey. The yield is worthy of the price – you and I. We find ourselves in their perspectives. They’ve exposed pain’s mystery – its’ vastness is also its’ demise. Where one is swept away, many converge and conquer. Join them there and swim free.


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