The Lord is my healer,
I shall not rush my regeneration.
He cleanses all my weaknesses.
He prepares me for what is yet to come.
He allows me to think for myself,
Allowing me to regenerate in my own body and soul
With His will.
I will not be afraid to follow my dreams
For it is with Him, I continue to dream big.
For He is my Guider, my Companion.
When I feel, He feels.
When He strengthens, I am empowered.
When empowered, I exalt Him.
He continues to hover over me with blessings
That have no limitations.
Therefore I shall not limit my Divine Romance with Him
Because I believe in Him
As He believes in me.
Love will regenerate through me and
It will transform with every divinity of perfection.
Amongst His perfect detail of this wonderful earth
The ultimate beauty of bright and dim –
Bright so that we smile,
Dim so that we feel,
But along with Him
I will always heal.