Today comes once. Just once.

Results from today’s decisions last a long time. A very long time.

What can we do today to make a positive difference? What can we say?

What stands in the way of us making that positive difference? Do we doubt ourselves? Are we controlled by fears, by past decisions, by other people, by doubts? Do we limit our future potential by choosing to do nothing on days like today?

Here are steps which encourage me to face today and pursue appropriate goals:

· Focus on a few dreams. Too many might keep me from doing anything. The correct few help me see possible results.

· Talk to a few people about those dreams. Be sure they are the right people, just as we are to be sure we focus on the right dreams.

· Pray. That means asking and also listening. My confession? I cannot take steps forward without praying and waiting for direction.

· Begin. Yes, we are to pray and wait. But often we only wait. And wait. And continue waiting. Sometimes a small action is the best next move.

· Be open to changes and adjustments during the process. That which inspires us to begin might not be the same as what directs us to endure. Most goals need ongoing editing. That is fine. This enables us to learn much during the journey.

As we are DOING those things, let’s also remember what NOT to do.

· Do not grade success only by numbers. Deeper achievements are often invisible.

· Do not equal noise to success. Silence can be our companion during the process.

· Do not forget self-care. We are more capable of achieving positive outcomes when we care better for ourselves. Think about your amount of sleep, how you are dealing with your emotions, and what issues you hold inside.

· Do not make major decisions when tired or in a bad mood. Waiting might be the best decision you can make.

That is all for now.

But now is important. Today comes once. Just once. Dream. Act. Let’s not waste today.