My twelfth book will be released October 1. What’s this book about? Books.

“Things We’ve Handed Down” is a collection of letters I’ve written about books which impacted my life. I offer thoughts on the books while writing honest stories of my own reflections and lessons learned. Stories about cold weather and waterfalls. Stories about death and grief. Stories about long walks and honest talks. Stories about meeting new friends and leading funeral services. Stories about a breakfast in Colorado and walks with a grandfather when I was a kid. Stories about dealing with grief and taking down a Christmas tree. Stories about how other authors have influenced me and how I hope the letters will bring ideas to readers.

Before the book is released, here are a few questions for you. What books have impacted your life the most? What did you learn? How were you encouraged? How were you challenged? What books do you hope the younger generations will read? Why those books?

We’ve all been handed down many things.

We’re all handing down many things.

Let’s learn from what we’ve been handed.

Let’s help others learn through what we hand down.