Last Thursday morning I sat in the back seat of a car, riding with two friends through the hills. That started our few days together. The conversations included a mix of deep thoughts, honest confessions, interesting questions, stories of hope, and miles of laughter. We saw snow and mountains and elk and rivers. We felt strong wind and light rain. We walked and prayed and walked more and prayed more. 

I could write only about our moments. But I want to highlight the reason we road together and ate together.

Why did we travel to Gatlinburg, TN? We supported an event called Accelerant—a gathering of over 3,000 people representing youth groups from around the country. Mornings and nights of worshiping together, praying together, and learning together.

I traveled there with guys who, like me, aren’t still young. But guys who, like me, see wonderful potential in the young generations.

We watched the students watch. We listened and learned as they listened and learned. We worshiped as they worshiped. We prayed as they prayed.

Seeing them seek to surrender their lives. Hearing them sing songs of reverence. Observing them pray.

I needed those reminders. Reminders of trust, of reality, of faith. Reminders of youth falling in love with God. Reminders of God’s love for them, for us, for me.

Early Sunday morning we rode back through the mountains and arrived home. I’m thankful God reminded us of His love at Accelerant. And I’m thankful His love travels with us through our mountains, hills, snow, and rivers of life.

Each day. Not matter how we feel, through strong wind and light rain, His love travels with us.