Last week’s blog challenged us to work on a six month plan. How are you doing with that?

If you haven’t started, begin. If you started and stopped, begin again. If you wrote your plan and are applying it, good for you. Continue. 

Today we’ll stay with the number six, but offer different thoughts. Let’s select a six-word-statement to summarize steps we need to take. Let’s write something to challenge us, encourage us, guide us, motivate us, inspire us.

Here are a few examples:

* Return to my first love, God.
* Renew commitments I made years ago.
* Read and pray one Psalm daily.
* Journal thoughts and prayers each day.
* Pray for family members each day.
* Let go of unhealthy life luggage.

Those are just examples. But they are very practical examples. Now come up with your own.

What six-word-statement is a good goal for you? Are you willing to write it? Are you willing to do it? Should you write more than one? Maybe six?

Send me your six words and I will pray for you. I’ll also ask how you are doing.

Six words. That’s a start. Great things might happen if we take those steps. Begin today.