shepherds in the fields
watching their flocks,
like always,
doing the normal,
staying in the routine,
following the plan,
not knowing
the normal was shifting,
the routine was moving,
a deeper plan was unfolding,
as angels came
causing initial fear,
then a chance for
the shepherds to hear
of the coming
of an ancient story:
the arrival of a child,
a child. a child
in a manger,
a child. a child
who would become
a Messiah.

the angels calmed the shepherds,
the shepherds saw the Baby,
the mother mary treasured
and pondered
this news, this new Child,
the new life,
in her heart.

the shepherds returned
to work,
glorifying God,
praising God
for what they had heard
for Who the had seen,
returning to work
to never be the same.

should we follow them there
for a glance?
should we hear what they heard
and see what they saw?

or should we stay here,
in our field,
glorifying and praising God,
treasuring and pondering
in our hearts
all that happened there?