Sad news comes to us. Often.

Bad news stays nearby. Always.

But amid the difficult days, I pray we remember the good opportunities we have. I hope we live well while alive.

What can we do?

*Love one another.
*Be kind to people no matter how they treat us.
*Spend time with friends.
*Refuse to allow disagreements to bring hate.
*Invest time and talent and energy and money in things that really matter.
*Realize that you matter. That you really matter.
*Talk to a counselor, mentor, or pastor about your struggles, your hurt, your worries, your questions.
*See a doctor.
*Know that sleep and laughter and prayer are important.
*Choose to not let things you can’t control be the things that control you.
*Fill your mind with healthy thoughts.
*Don’t spend all your time watching the news.
*Grieve well.

I could write many more—like read and write and eat and walk. But I’ll let you think of other practical ways to pause and find peace. And I’ll end by repeating the first suggestion: love one another.