Last week, fifteen guys spent two days together. A 123 mile ride through the Georgia hills and autumn colors. A Thursday afternoon, Friday, and Saturday morning of October 2023 offered authenticity and laughter, prayer and worship, long talks and long walks. Step by step, our statements declared hope, our jokes shifted the stress, our confessions released worry.

Nothing was normal. The moments were all new. A new view, a new gathering of guys who had not gathered together before, a new three days we’d never lived before.

I saw and heard much. I learned much. Though I didn’t sleep much at all, I experienced much. Bunk beds. A lunch on the third floor roof. A walk on what felt to be a tall mountain—though I knew it was tiny when compared to others.

Uncomfortable sleeping arrangements reminding me of comfort and the difference between wants and needs.

Stories reminding me why endurance and community and prayer and confession and spiritual growth are huge needs to today’s culture.

Some played golf.

Some walked through town.

Some slept a little.

Some didn’t sleep at all.

Some led in song.

Some sang along.

But I think we all knew that place and time were unique. Those honest conversations with fifteen guys were unique. Those two days 123 miles from home were unique.

And needed.

I pray we all take similar trips. I also pray we all apply the lessons we learned from that trip.

Even if we’re not driving 123 miles through the Georgia mountains or trying to sleep in a cabin or singing old songs with the guys. Take two days—or two hours—and grab a new glimpse.

The view might never be the same.

Life might never be the same.