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Pause for Pastors is filled with stories that just might help a pastor and his family smile when they hear this word, church. Stories that just might help a pastor and his family pursue help when they’re carrying too heavy of this weight of church.”

I also strongly encourage ‘lay people’ to read this book as a way of developing a deeper understanding into their pastors’ lives so they, as members in this Body we call ‘church’ can walk beside their pastors – ministering as well as being ministered to.

Like the other Pause books, Pause for Pastors was a collaborative effort. In a way, this is your book too. I want you to consider taking a very active role in spreading its message, not just to sell books, but to become an agent of positive support to pastors and their families, and for those ‘in the pews.’ Pastors aren’t supermen and their families aren’t bulletproof. They need ministry from those whom they minister.

I’d like you to consider sharing Pause for Pastors with your audience:

  • This page contains images, sample links, special offers and (I hope) anything else that might make it easier and more effective to share Pause for Pastors with others.
  • Share Pause for Pastors via Facebook,, Twitter or your other Social networks. If you’ve got a blog, write about Pause for Pastors and what being a part of the project meant to you personally.
  • And share with Pause for Pastors in your real world – in your church, with friends and colleagues.
  • This holiday season consider purchasing 5 copies of Pause for Pastors (click here to learn more) and give them as gifts to pastors you know.

Thank you for your part in Pause for Pastors and  for sowing into the lives of pastors and their families.

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