Conclusion: A Life of Equilibrium

In our search for steadiness, we often view ourselves as failures. Evenness seems missing. Consistency feels like a distant dream. Stability, a character we are so desperate for, is hard to find in our own lives and in the lives of those we trust.

But story by story and step by step, we can find balance in life’s irregular routes. It comes, though, I believe, through a slow stride of equilibrium. One action, one conversation, one prayer, one thought. Just one, then another. A minute, an hour, a day. A week, a month, a year. Patterns of participating in balancing acts, while leaning for survival or rescue or change or transformation. Symmetry comes by miracles at times, by small smiles at times, by loud shouts at times, by a good night’s sleep at times.

So, let’s value each step toward equilibrium. Believing in the big, let us never ignore the small. Enduring the marathon, let us enjoy each step. The adventure is important, but so is each moment. While traveling this adventure, let us be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.

But how? How can we pray amid the chaos? How can we find joy and hope among the afflictions? We pause. To listen, to rest, to travel together, to travel solo, to see obstacles as opportunities. Our feelings might trick us at times, so we don’t fully trust them. Though we choose to cry and laugh. Though we aren’t controlled by pains from our pasts. We choose to serve the way we should. We choose to leave where we are when we should. We grieve, we celebrate, we work to get and stay in shape. We care, but try not to carry too much. We seek help, give thanks, love everybody everywhere.

And sometimes we take time off and do nothing.

What is it? What is it we are doing as we find balance by acting out sincerely, with grace? It is living a life of the divine romance. It is letting Father God love us. It is letting Lord Jesus save us. It is letting Holy Spirit empower us.

That is what it is. That is what brings equilibrium in these uneven surfaces of life.

So, the next time you glance at the sky, remember that. The next time you engage in a conversation with a friend, remember that. The next time you feel alone and unloved and unworthy and without hope, remember that.

These thoughts are ways I have learned to live in equilibrium. I hope they have helped you.

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Equilibrium is about finding meaning and sure footing as we navigate life with God and others. You could read it in one sitting or digest it one day/one chapter at a time over a month or two. Either way you will find balance and encouragement. Don’t miss find- ing yourself in Equilibrium.

Dr. Tracy Reynolds

Discipleship Pastor, Grace Fellowship