Fortunately, many churches are becoming families of people from various tribes and cultures.

Unfortunately, many churches desire and welcome only a select few.

In your yearning to go deeper with God in your personal life, please think of both extremes: How is God speaking to you both locally and globally? How can you learn a better, deeper relationship with God through the environment beside you and the traditions continents away?

Glance at your personal calendar. Notice your “order of service.” Think of your song, your language, your method of prayer. What are you learning from those who look nothing like you—those who were made by the same God, and were made in His image.

Think of Christ’s death and resurrection. Think about the prayers of Pentecost and prayers from Christ’s followers around the world.

Dear pastors, let’s set up an appointment with our Eye Doctor. As He looks at us, let’s receive His assessment of how we truly look at Him.

Do not only investigate the success or failure, the momentum or monotony, the victories or defeats of our group goals. Let’s each study our own spiritual life. Investigate growth. Scrutinize condition. Explore potential.

Conclude, not by placing blame or feeling shame, but by choosing to return to basics. Pray, study, witness, worship. Attend, care, refuse to gossip.

Think about the nearby faraway God. Confess to the local global Listener.

He hears.

So let’s be honest. And let’s keep the heart of Christ.

October is #PastorAppreciationMonth. Write thank you notes. Pray. Speak words of encouragement. And purchase copies of Pause for Pastors to give away as gifts to clergy.