• I love connecting readers to new books. My friend Nailah Herbert has written a wonderful children’s book. I asked her to include her thoughts for today’s blog. Read what she wrote below and please purchase a copy of her book. Thanks.

I wrote the children’s book, Gram and Gretchen, because I wanted young children to know the importance of pet owners loving their pets and how it can impact and shape the bond between them. I believe that everything and everyone has a soul that deserves love and affection. Animals are beautiful creatures that can provide companionship, exercise benefits (depending on the pet), boost your mood, and provide emotional and mental support.

Gram and Gretchen’s story shows the true friendship of a sweet old lady, Gram, bonding with her pet dog, Gretchen. Gram shows Gretchen her love by taking her to the park, feeding her, bathing her, and more.

I read this book to K-3 grade classes in the past few weeks. Through the virtual class readings, I noticed that the scholars were insightful and thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. They explained that this book helps them take care of their pets, whether it’s a pet dog, cat, or bunny.

They all took something of value from the book to help them become the best young pet owners in their homes.

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Website: www.nailahherbert.com

Purchase the Gram and Gretchen autographed copy here: http://ow.ly/B49N30rwDNm