Incorrect assumptions create perilous habits. Stop those inclinations. Refuse to make the mistake of living a life of doing it all without enjoying this moment. Decline those requests from society and self to prove your worth.

Believe this: you are made in the image of God.

Breathe this: your merit is not based on how this society grades you.

Ok, it is not easy to just say no. But let’s practice. Try it. Say it again. Rehearse it and repeat it: no, no, no. Not with a hateful tone and not with an ego as the guide. With a Sabbath enticement, just say no.

Say no to all other terrible, damaging, painful decisions. Say no to those temptations that lure you toward good feelings and bad results. But also say no to the busy, gotta-help-everyone-else, earning-your-way-to-heaven chores that cover your every moment.

Holy selfishness is a part of self care. When you care for yourself correctly, being guided by God’s assurance, that urge to prove something doesn’t hold the same power. Neither do those around you.

Choose to say no.

Choose to say yes when you can and should.

And choose to find rest in the journey. Your pause might strengthen you enough to do more than you had ever imagined yourself doing.



Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Take time to purchase a few copies of Pause for Moms. Or get Kindle from Amazon. Today’s blog is from that book.