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I’m still asking for the same gift. Has that ever happened to you? 


Maybe you received what you wanted and liked it so much you decided to request another one. Maybe you lost the first gift and wanted a new one just like it. Maybe you had given the first away to a friend and still miss having it. Maybe you asked for it and the requested gift never arrived. 


Whatever the reason, sometimes we ask again and again for the same gift. 


Since it is December and a reminder of Christ’s birth, it fits to talk about gifts. Since God gave the greatest gift of all and loves to continue giving, it suits Him for me to write about gifts. 


December also concludes another year. So I looked back to my prayer theme for 2004. And, in the closing weeks and days of this year, I repeat my prayer from that year. I’m still asking God for the same gift. 


What was my request for the year? As I studied Luke’s historical report of Jesus changing the world, I wanted the description description of Christ’s early days to summarize my own growth: 


And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him. (Luke 2: 40) 


Congregations sing and celebrate the Baby Jesus in December. While instructed to remember His life, during this month we focus more on the shepherds and angels, Mary and Joseph, stars and a Child. 


The Child did not stay little. He, as the text informs us, grew. Growing, He became strong. Becoming strong, He was filled with wisdom. And, covering each element of His life, the grace of God was upon Him. 


That was my prayer for 2004. I made it personal, asking for God to help me, my family, my friends, and my congregation to grow, become strong, and be filled with wisdom. I asked that His grace would be upon us. 


As this December hits us, I’m still praying that same prayer. Again and again, God has heard me. Again and again, I believe He has answered in a variety of ways. And today, I pray it again. 


What can you offer for Christmas? Join me in praying that prayer. 


Ask for growth and strength, for wisdom and grace. Ask it again. Then let us be ready for what might happen to us. 


My gracious Redeemer, My Savior art Thou. If ever I loved Thee, My Jesus, ’tis now. 

—William R. Featherston, My Jesus, I Love Thee