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We are people who wait and wait and wait. For the money, for the answer, for the invitation, for the assurance. We wait for the call; we wait for the chance. We wait a long time for a prayer to be answered. We go through various feelings and thoughts while waiting.

Realize also that our waiting is more difficult because we want. We want chances, changes, answers. We want solutions and conclusions. We want love. We want life. Often, those wants become misinterpreted: we translate a desire for love as a need for pleasure; we assume a craving of security equals money in the bank.

Wanting, though, can mean more when we wait long enough to discern what we actually—and deeply—crave.

Momentary fulfillment of lust doesn’t satisfy a need for love.

Temporary completion of financial fulfillment doesn’t satisfy a need for security.

Feelings change. Finances change. So, what should we do?

It helps to never respond too quickly and never wait too long. To find a healthy balance and avoid either extreme, we can take time to know what we really want. Not what we initially think we want. We can take time to know what’s best, what’s needed, and what to do about it. And, if the want is legitimate and wise, we should not wait forever. We should take action and pursue it.

Acting too quickly might be a decision without wisdom.

Waiting too long might be avoidance controlled by fear.

Wait and want in balance. Wait and want with wisdom.