Write a note. A very kind, caring, encouraging note. Send it to your pastor.
Thank your spiritual leader for specific things they do well. Don’t include in this note all the things they don’t do so well or how the church would improve if they’d only listen to you.
Be nice. Be positive.
And pray. Right now, pray specific prayers for your pastor, the pastor’s family, their needs, their deep wounds.
Pray for the church to be guided by God.
Pray for yourself to be the person who is helpful not harmful, positive not negative, healing not damaging.
Send the pastor a gift. Expect nothing in return.
And love your pastor. Just as Christ loves you, love your pastor.


October is #PastorAppreciationMonth. Write thank you notes. Pray. Speak words of encouragement. And purchase copies of Pause for Pastors to give away as gifts to clergy.