Sometimes we learn and grow slowly. Ourselves, our families, our churches.

Sometimes everything changes suddenly. Too suddenly.

I don’t like either extreme. But that’s life.

How I respond to our sometimes-in-a-hurry-God and our sometimes-very-slow-God can heal me or harm me, give me a panic attack or an unexplainable peace.

How about you?

Have you given God time to, either in a sudden touch or a lengthy recovery, heal your broken heart? What is holding you back?

These days, more conferences and gathering are offering healing, recovery, spiritual formation, and honesty instead of the typical performance-based, “let’s show our success to the world” approach. But they’re not always easy to find.

My opinion? If we choose to welcome pastors into an environment of authentic community, maybe our years and decades of lengthy pain can begin to suddenly switch toward healing. More groups are offering that as they say goodbye to the performance and perfection-based formats. More teams are welcoming the honesty, while offering comfort and healing to the wounded pastors and their families.

My suggestion? Pause long enough to suddenly find a place, a setting, a group where you can begin a fresh, lengthy journey toward healing.

Suddenly see behind the scenes of glamour.

Initiate the lengthy voyage of recovery.


October is #PastorAppreciationMonth. Write thank you notes. Pray. Speak words of encouragement. And purchase copies of Pause for Pastors to give away as gifts to clergy.