From the book Equilibrium.

Yes, people cause hurts. 

Yes, like us, other people are weak. 

But caring for people is what makes us different. Caring for people is what really matters. Whatever our unique giftings and talents, I hope we all have this in common: I hope we care. With true, sincere, deep care, I hope we lead as servant hearts and sincere motives. It helps to remember how much Jesus cares for us and to love other people with His love. 

But remember this statement: Care deeply but refuse to let the conditions of others control you. 

The problem? We often carry too much of the problems of others into our inner lives and our homes. Deep hurts begin to control us. Our moods, our words, our decisions. We can become controlling and angry. We can become distant and reluctant. We can love and listen, while working to find ways to not carry our care on our shoulders with us wherever we go. 

Jesus cared enough to die, but He also frequently left the crowds to rest with the Father. 

And please remember this: Let someone care for you. 

Do not only be a giver of care. Be a receiver of care. Find the right person and the right people to care for you. It must be intentional, though God often brings people into our lives in surprising times. It must be sincere, though God can slowly work us into a place of better trust as we deal properly with hurts from our past. 

No, we do not need to be addicted to our roles as rescuers. We can cast our cares on the true Caregiver. Though there is danger in rescue addiction, choosing to pause and breathe and listen to guidance from others will help us find a better balance of caring but not carrying. 

Pause today. 

Breathe today. 

Rest today. 

Care deeply. 

Carry lightly. 

And let there be peace in the caring.