Nate Moorman is the Director of Athletics at Emmanuel College. His poem, “Immersed,” is part of “Poetry for the Summer.” If you have not purchased my book of poetry, “a slow and sudden God: 40 years of wonder,” please get your copy today.


Head slumps, eyes close and a candle flickers.

Anointed with oil, thoughts of thanks are conceived. 

No words are spoken, only imagined. 

Kneeling, absorbing the silence,

Gratitude turns to shame surging through thoughts.

Perspiration swells as steady shadows dance in trance with the flame.

Familiar wants are unraveled. Clinging to desires, a weight crushes like giant waves of lead,

A presence arrives in the room.

A steady hand grips the heart and welcomes the guilt. 

Worth is restored, air fills lungs and relief revives purpose. 

Conviction is displaced by empathy and even desperation.

One burden is lifted but the hurt for others emerges. 

Hearts are fastened. 

Wounds are felt, fears are felt…their needs, their helplessness.

A battle rages inside, an itch, a chemistry, an intense worry, a heavy tear…then a whisper…“Please God!”

Overwhelmed, the spirit rises inside like a sapling clapping for light.

A fluid of peace streams through the veins all the way to the soul.

HE is here. 

It is HIS.