Chris Maxwell: Anabeth, tell us about your new collection of songs. 

Anabeth Morgan: The album A Place Your Glory Dwells is a simple collection of worship songs that reflect the desires of my heart around living life with Jesus and the realities of who God is as well as the wrestlings of living here on earth with the awareness that His Kingdom can break in at any moment.  

Chris: Walk us through the songs. 

Anabeth:  “Fix Our Eyes” is a song that has tons of tension that I wrote as my brother was very sick and it just felt like the darkness was looming and almost “winning.” It is a reminder to my heart to cast my eyes to Him and choose to trust again in the midst of hardship and so much unrest around us.  “God You Are Lovely” is a song that tells the creation story and the beauty in His rescue by coming down to heaven to rule and reign.  “We Press In” is simple and just a reflection that we choose to press into God’s presence as we gather and welcome His Spirit and all that comes with that.  “A Place Your Glory Dwells” is probably the song that reflects the deepest desire of my heart for God’s Kingdom to literally flow from me to others that they may see Him and experience His love and healing.  “My Foundation” was a co-write that I did a few years ago that is one of my favorite songs that I wanted to record again fresh because it means so much to me.  “Inheritance” is a song that my husband was really excited for me to include in the record.  I felt like something was missing so I wrote a new bridge for it and it felt fresh and exciting.  It is all about how He has everything we need and “indeed what a beautiful inheritance for our lives.” “All That I am Is Yours” is the most rock-n-roll song on the record.  It was one that I have wrestled with writing and finishing for years, but finally came together as I was getting things prepared for the record.  We needed a song that filled this sort of space.  “Transform My Heart” is an intimate cry to be like Jesus.  It came to me while I was worshipping at home and just felt like an overflow song.  I love that it turned out so beautifully on the album. I had the pleasure of writing “You Are Here” with a friend while away at a retreat.  We just started to worship and this came out.  I don’t know what else to say other than it was easy and seemed appropriate.  “Surrounding (Live)” is a supposed to feel like a moment on the record of spiritual direction and solitude through music.  I LOVE leading worship with these sorts of moments, so I knew that I really wanted to include something like this on the project.  “Amazing Grace/Hallelujah” was added to the album at the last minute because my brother died while I was recording the album and it was the song I sang at his funeral.  It was the right choice to capture all that my life looked like in the midst of recording this album.  

Chris: What are your thoughts about worship music in today’s culture? 

Anabeth:  Worship music will always be in my mind the best tool that connects my heart straight to the heart of the Father.  There are lots of types and versions and styles to choose from which means that more people have access to this beautiful gift 🙂 

Chris: As I teach spiritual formation to college students and in churches, I try to guide audiences to view prayer as a practice, but also a lifestyle. How can worship be a lifestyle? 

Anabeth:  Worship is ascribing worth to things.  So, whether we realize it or not, we are worshipping things all of the time.  Some folks money, others cars, others sex.  Honestly, music covers a variety of topics that allow us to focus our attention and give worth to all sorts of things.  Specifically, Jesus-focused worship songs/music is a tool that we can use to “ascribe worth” to God.  As a follower of Jesus, I want to do this each and every day.  So, it is part of my lifestyle.  

Chris: I’ve enjoyed visiting Mile High Vineyard in Denver. What thrills you about the congregation? 

Anabeth: I love my church so much.  My favorite thing about the Mile High Vineyard churches is that they care so deeply about my heart and what God is doing in me way more than my talents and gifts and ability to lead worship.  This is a gift because I think that God cares about the same stuff. It allows me to have a long life expectancy in ministry instead of burning out quickly like many folks do. 

Chris: How can audiences pick up your music? 

Anabeth: You can grab my record on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music or  It is pretty much anywhere you want to find it.  Just Google “Anabeth Morgan” or “A Place Your Glory Dwells.”

Chris: Thank you. 

Anabeth: Thank you!