The commercials lure viewers to purchase. The songs and scenes and images invite people to become clients. Though I don’t respond to many of the ads, I do want. I want a few new things, yes. That new book, that new album, that new device. And I wish a few more people would buy a few more of my books. But here’s a list of what I really want for this Christmas:

– For us to love one another, even those we disagree with.

– For us to listen better and speak less.

– For forgiveness to not only be what we ask for, but be what we offer to others.

– For us to treat others how we wish others would treat us.

– For a total shift in what we view as success.

– For those who’ve given up on their dreams to choose to dream again.

– For those who dream again to take practical steps in working those dreams into realities.

– For those who are always negative to find positives even in this pain-filled world.

– For people who disagree with one another in important and sensitive topics to still treat each other with kindness and respect.

– For me to become better in the areas I’m weak.

– For us all to find the help we need through counselors, pastors, accountability friends, life coaches, or others instead of trying to endure our struggle alone.

– For us all to find wonder and awe in the moments.

I know myself well enough to realize I’m not capable of fulfilling these goals on my own strength. So my biggest wish on the list should be this: Remember again the life and love of Jesus. He’s our Guide and Strength to help these hopes become realities.