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Chris Maxwell has a story everyone needs to hear. His once ravaging brain infection and his successful life with permanent brain insult defy simple explanation.

My perspective of Chris Maxwell has evolved from that of a casual acquaintance in our youth to a valued personal friend with whom I share a weekly morning breakfast and intimate life conversations. In Chris’ youth, long before his illness shattered life as he knew it, Chris was the epitome of a flamboyant extrovert with a dynamic personality and unbridled energy. Chris now leads a very busy life of counseling, speaking engagements, travel, teaching, and authoring numerous books. He does so in a quite measured, incremental, intentional, and methodical manner. His mastery of technology and adaptation to somewhat rigid, self-enforced personal habits and schedules contribute to his success. His management of his residual brain disorders and their daily challenges go unnoticed by most folks. If Chris didn’t share his story, I’m certain most people would be unaware of the “valley of death” which once threatened to destroy his brain and swallow his life, and they would also be in awe of the height of the mountaintops he subsequently climbed!

As a physician, I understand the medical ramifications of Chris Maxwell’s near-death brain infection and its resulting brain insult. As his friend, it is remarkable to witness Chris’ ability to turn his nightmarish medical crisis and disability into a source of inspiration, encouragement, and hope for others. He endeavors to tell his story for the benefit of humanity.

Chris Maxwell’s story brings new dimension, deeper insight, and refreshing perspective. I am pleased he has chosen to share it!

– James R. Swails, M.D