I remember celebrating.

At Christmas. On birthdays. At weddings. On vacations. Celebrations of victories, of memories, of worship, of goals accomplished, of games won.

What do you remember celebrating?

This week’s spiritual discipline is celebration.

I love reading Psalms where a nation took the honest journal of a poet and began to sing it as a hymn of celebration. Those celebrations have lasted through time, offering us examples of how to release our appreciation and respect for God.

Take a Psalm. Read it. Pray it. Sing it. Celebrate the goodness of God right in the middle of a bad day. Celebration amid the chaos: hope among the doubt, healing during times of hurt.

I like to celebrate when my team wins. But I love to celebrate regarding eternal truth no matter the reality of external circumstances. Join me, participating in the spiritual discipline of celebration. It is a choice we make, not a feeling we depend on. It is a life we choose to live, regardless of our surroundings.

Let’s remember what God has done and let’s celebrate. Alone and with friends. In silence and with volume.

Beginning now, as a choice, engage in celebration.