What if you could read the stories of Jesus’ life like a travelogue? Each encounter, complete with snapshots, weaving the story of Jesus’ journey among men? What if you were invited on this journey, to go with Him, become part of the discussion and interaction as He touched the lives of those He met? A Man who loved those who hungered to see and touch God, whether they understood who He truly was or not.Pause With Jesus

  • The lonely? He loved them.
  • The misfits? He loved them.
  • The legalistic, religious, gotta-do-it-our-way-or-we-will-kill-you folks? He loved them.

Demonstrations of His love differ with each scene, but uniqueness merges with unity; the same pure, profound love shines in every sighting. The same love He shares with you as you travel with Him.

The Christian Bookshow interview with Chris Maxwell about his new book, Pause with Jesus: Encountering His Story in Everyday Life https://www.christianbookshow.com/interviews/pause-with-jesus